Comic Artist ✦ Illustrator

New Zealand based artist who loves to travel around the globe to share her artworks featuring fanarts and original piece related to anime, food and animals.Her recent fanworks are mostly from Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, Chainsaw Man, Mystic Messenger and Jujutsu Kaisen. She'll be adding more fandoms this year and publishing her first original artbook.


Started publishing my stories in July 2017. After receiving LINE Webtoon Rising Star Award on November that year, I continue to work on multiple projects with writers and publishers such as Comico, Tapas Media and LINE WEBTOON while developing script for my own original works.

Law of Imperium

Genre: Supernatural, Action, Drama
The story revolves around Akira, a university student who is going through a strange phenomenon after recovering from a coma. He starts seeing 'colors' of the living things, each color represents their greatest desire. One day, he uses his sight to help a male escort from being harassed by gang members. Little did he know that the guy is the first lead to finding the answer behind his newfound ability.
Originally launched in 2017 and won LINE Webtoon Rising Star Award, Law of Imperium (LOI) is currently on pre-production phase before relaunching for a remake.

Genre: Drama, Thriller
In desperation to save his dying uncle, Cecil made a deal to spy on someone using a fake celeb identity. That someone is no other than Renee, society’s No.1 idol who is flawless in everyone’s eyes. Yet, the more she watches over her, the more she realizes that Renee isn’t as ‘perfect’ as people believe. Becoming You is currently on hiatus to focus on pre-production for Law of Imperium.

Genre: Comedy/Satire
An anthology dedicated to saving as many species from extinction as humanly possible. It's a collaboration charity project between LINE Webtoon and Rewriting Extinction where I took part as the illustrator for @demonicblackcat (the writer) to support sea conservation published in December 2021.

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
An adventure story of a girl and a firework who got isekai'd into another dimension. This webtoon serves as the background story for MERCON event. All MERCON team members all involved in writing the story and plot per episodes while I handled the art production and script writing for all episodes which published in September 2021 onwards.

Unpublished works/samples

Aside of above titles, I've also had some samples from other collaboration project with writers and production house including character design, storyboarding and fully rendered comic panels.


Sample of illustration I've drawn since 2017 which includes zine/artbook piece, art prints and personal works.








I've been travelling around since 2017 to sell my artworks & merchandise through conventions across the globe which features item like charms, washi tapes, badges, stickers, art prints and more wearable arts to come this year. I'm also excited to finally publish my first original artbook real soon!

Since 2017, I've regularly attended conventions as exhibitor to sell my fanmerch and originals works. Here's the list of past events I've attended and upcoming ones I'll be attending this year (more to be updated):

✦ Japan Fiesta EX 2 March (Christchurch, NZ)
✦ Wellygeddon 6-7 April (Wellington, NZ)
✦ Christchurchgeddon 13-14 April (Christchurch, NZ)
✦ Overload 20-21 April (Auckland, NZ)
✦ Doujima 11-12 May (Singapore, SG)
✦ Comic Frontier 18 11-12 May (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Wintergeddon 14-16 Jun (Auckland, NZ)
✦ Sydney Supanova 22-23 June (Sydney, AU)
✦ Palmygeddon 3-4 August (Palmerston North, NZ)
✦ Animaga 24-25 August (Melbourne, AUS)
✦ Springeddon 25-28 October (Auckland, NZ)
✦ Comic Frontier 17 16-17 December (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Springeddon 20-23 October (Auckland, NZ)
✦ Palmygeddon 5-6 August (Palmerston North, NZ)
✦ Smashcon 1-2 July (Sydney, AU)
✦ Indo Comiccon 23-25 Jun (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Wintergeddon 3-5 Jun (Auckland, NZ)
✦ Comic Frontier 16 6-7 May (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Christchurchgeddon 29-30 April (Christchurch, NZ)
✦ Wellygeddon 22-23 April (Wellington, NZ)
✦ Overload 15-16 April (Auckland, NZ)
✦ Artcade 1-2 April (Singapore, SG)

✦ Wellygeddon 3-4 December (Wellington, NZ)
✦ Comic Frontier XV 24-25 September (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Comic Frontier XIII 7-8 September (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Silicon Valley Comiccon 16-18 August (San Jose, US)
✦ Smashcon 13-14 July (Sydney, AU)
✦ Comic Frontier XII 23-24 February (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Comic Fiesta 22-23 December (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
✦ Comic Frontier XI 18-19 August (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Smashcon 14-15 July (Sydney, AU)
✦ Doujima 5-6 May (Singapore, SG)
✦ Comic Frontier X 3-4 March (Jakarta, ID)
✦ Comic Frontier IX 2-3 September(Jakarta, ID)
✦ Comic Frontier VIII 21 January (Jakarta, ID)


Aside of my regular schedule of doing webtoons and creating merchandise, I'm also doing side projects such as event organizing, brand/mascot design and commission work.

Brand Mascot Design

Halu App is Indonesia's Marketplace for Cosplayers and Creators to publish their content and connect with fellow anime, game and cosplay enthusiast through the platform. In 2023, Halu App Team wanted to develop their own brand mascot named Haruka. I was delighted to work together with them to bring Haruka's visual come to live.I was in charge of designing and illustrating multiple versions of Haruka which now can be found on their socials and other promotional media(s)

Event Organizing

MERCON was first held in December 2020 as Indonesia’s first anime & game-centric online convention as the solution to our longing for creative communities event during the pandemic.Our main motive is to let local artists exhibit their works and build a space for anime/game enthusiast to gather with communities all over Indonesia.The event continued to be held annually until 2023 where we invited various local creators and studios as panelists to share their professional experiences from gaming industries, character illustrations, webtoon to v-tubers.As the co-founder, I'm also in-charge of managing PR team and community mod while also illustrating our mascots (Merry and Duar) and comics made to promote the event.Below are samples of my 4-koma for MERCON 2020.